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Raig d’Arbeca

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Made 100% with arbequina olives, SUO TEMPORE presents aromas of green fruit on the nose, notes of fresh grass, mint, leaves and nuts such as almonds or nuts, and recipes of vegetables and artichoke and tomato. On the palate it has a pleasant step in consonance with the aromas of green fruit, and with a bitter and spicy finish that, together with an astringent touch, provides the ideal balance.


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Raig d’Arbeca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil of superior category obtained directly from arbequina olives and only by mechanical procedures.

Packaging of 250ml, 500ml and 5 liters.

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Raig d’Arbeca Extra Virgin Premium Oil

Extra virgin olive oil Made from the olives of early harvest, where the taste stands out for maintaining, even more, the flavor of green product and the primary aromas characteristic of green olives.

Containers in 1 and 3 Liter cans.

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Ecological Raig d’Arbeca Oil

Oil with a fruity sensory profile medium green, which in the mouth has a spicy and bitter tip, with a light sweet. They emphasize secondary aromas with vegetal memories of grass and notes that can remember the artichoke, the almond and the green nuts. Final sensation almond shaped in the mouth, which gives it a certain softness.

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First Pressed Rabe d’Arbeca Oil

Extra virgin oil produced by the same production process, but extracted after decanting, before the filtering process, which gives it a tastier flavor and more nutritious characteristics, where the content of polyphenols is more stable.

Package of 5 Liters.

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Raig d’Arbeca Balsamic Vinegar

Exquisite vinegar of intense ruby ​​color and made with Cabernet Sauvignon wine of great aromatic intensity. With a sweet and elegant palate, it has been aged in oak barrels for 12 months.

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“La Chinata” Cosmetics and Cleanliness

We import a wide range of products from the brand “La Chinata” made with a basic ingredient: organic extra virgin olive oil.

All these products are available in our physical store